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We started in 2017 with a goal to help as many people feel incredible in their homes.  Cleaning your home is a privelage and we take it seriously.  When my team or I come through your door, we aim to make it the absolute best experience it can be, rememebring that we are also still humans and building a strong relationships is paramount to a long term relationship, we want you to stay with us forever!

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My Story

After years of working in the life insurance industry, I finally had enough of the rat race and decided to take control of my life.  Cleaning was the thing that made sense,  but during that process, I discovered a passion for people.  I discovered that when I cleaned someones home, I could see firsthand and in real time how the difference between messy and clean made in their lives.  I launched Picture Perfect Cleaning Services not just a way to make a living, but a way to change lives.  Yes it may seem a bit out there, but a clean space can absolutely change someones life, and I simple love being a part of it!

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Can't wait to chat with you to help feel more peace in your home.

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