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Why Cleaning Matters In Your Home?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Why Do We Clean?

Cleaning has always been something that fascinated me, it was a way to help people and that is at the core of who I am, but why might you care about it too?

A clean home is at the pillar of a happy home. If you have ever been inside a home that is cluttered or messy, you know the energy in it is also cluttered and messy.

You’ve likely been taught to keep a clean home and for good reason, keeping your space mess free has lots of benefits on your inner peace as well as your health.

Here Are 5 Benefits To A Clean House

1. Less Mess Equals Less Bacteria and Allergens

It’s no secret that if you don’t clean up food and debris from your home on a regular basis, things will start to grow. Bad bacteria and allergens are at the top of the list when it comes to things that can actually harm you when your house isn’t in tip top shape. Vacuuming and dusting are the front runner for keeping the things like that at bay, but overall cleaning is your surest way to keep your home clean and healthy!

2. Less Stress

I mean who doesn’t want to have a less stressful life? I think almost everyone wants less of that nowadays…having a clean and clutter free space is the easiest way to make that happen. When we are living in a home that is messy and cluttered, we can feel it in our space as well as in our bodies. Think about a time that you’ve walked into someone’s home that is cluttered or dirty…you likely had a visceral response, maybe even a sense of anxiety. Same thing happens when you’re living it.

3. Better Sleeping

If you are lying awake at night with a to-do list that is running a relay race in your head, you’re not alone. When your home is clean and in order, you can rest knowing that that is one thing you can scratch off the list.

4. Way Less Anxiety

We don’t often equate anxiety with a cluttered or messy home, but there is a direct correlation between the two. Think about Feng Shui, there’s a reason the state of our home impacts us and our anxiety levels. If you live in a home with loads of papers and toys laying around, you may not think of your place as a place of solace even if you’re ‘used’ to the mess. Coming home after a long day should feel like a taking a nice long deep breath.

5. To Be More Social

When’s the last time you said, “Sorry about the mess, I have been so busy”?

I bet you said it at least once in the last month…(be honest). When you’re avoiding hosting people at your home because you feel things aren’t as tidy as you’d like them to be, you’re cutting off a very important part of being human…we are meant to be social and our homes are meant to be a place of gathering without apologies!

Having a clean home is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Let us help you take this part off your plate, after all, we love doing it, even if that makes us a bit weird!

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To your house health!

Deborah Houghton


Picture Perfect Cleaning

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